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country is the apex body in the organization of the exchange market. In fact, weve dedicated almost all our time. The higher a currencys interest rate is, the more money theyll will get. If someone buys a foreign currency in the spot, or forward market, or buys an option to buy a foreign currency, and expects to sell it later at a higher spot rate, he is said to have taken a long position in the currency,. One of the major functions of the central bank is to prevent the aggressive fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, if necessary, by direct intervention. Decentralised market, the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange are centralised to those cities, making them centralised, individual markets.

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Thats because they are trying to manage their own portfolios by making more money and by avoiding losing any money. There can be a lot of jargon and slang to decipher when it comes to first understanding the foreign exchange market. As a result, we end up paying more. BUT HOW does IT work? (b) Let the market believe that price of dollar in rupees is high, or if it has risen, let the market expect it to fall back to its normal level. So, we thought wed try and explain it for you.

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