trading bullish engulfing pattern strategy

the market had behaved. But heres the thing with a trade like that my stop loss is tight, with a potential reward of more than 3 times what I risked for this trade. Price action trading will not make you an overnight success.

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Inside bars usually represent market indecision. There will always be another opportunity or wait for a retrace/retest/pullback etc and then enter. For those that love moving averages, what you can do is to look reversal candlesticks as price online forex trading education starts to go back to touch the moving average lines and these are used as your confirmation signal to buy or sell. Yes, I know thatThe whole point of me switching to lower timeframes is this: to get better trade entries. So lets say you are a trader that loves to trade only hammers and shooting stars and you are waiting buy at a major support line in the 1hr timeframe.