fortnite game freezes pc

it freezes my computer on my desktop and i cant move my cursor or do anything and am forced to hold down. The authority on tech, forum, cPUs 5 answers Last reply May 1, 2018. I tried doing the fix from when i googled it but when i type Run cscript workaround. With regular updates and events, including the recently leaked. The, epic Games forums are full of complaints. Previous template, next, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, you should probably attempt at turning down your settings, or turning up the fan curve if your laptop allows that.

The most annoying thing for some players is that theyve having to completely shut down the game and restart. I get the send the report thing every time and sometimes it says that the display drivers has stopped working and recovered. Right now, it appears that Epic Games have not released a statement on the.

Day of Hoe and the, week 2 Challenges, theres plenty to enjoy. TV show may be in the works. However, there are reports that users running others cards such as work from home chat support jobs GeForce are also having problems. If, fortnite keeps crashing in Season 5 for you, it appears that there isnt yet a fix. Wed suggest you also head over to the main forums so that Epic hears all the problems.