forex broker slippage to stop news trading

the point of being completely ignored or filled later at much worse price, resulting in a larger than expected loss. 1) News trading is absolutely allowed in OctaFX; 2) There are some restrictions regarding Stop levels in MetaTrader 4 platform, they depend on the currency pair you trade. If you happen to come across such broker, please send us a link. We also do not implement any restriction on client's trading strategies.

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They are simple to understand terms, but can make a huge difference in how profitable your trades are. Do you allow all trading styles including scalping, news trading and high frequency? The very moment before news releases there is an opportunity for a broker to manipulate prices at own discretion, for example, by creating a false spike to trigger nearby trading orders, so that when real reaction to news comes in, it'll cause the market move. The main factor contributing to this lack of damage due to slippage is that I do not aim forex vs crypto vs stocks to trade during the news and that I trade rarely about 1020 times per year. Before you deposit money, always read forex broker reviews and look at what their slippage percentage. The actual executed stop-loss is shown with a red horizontal line (1.35447).

We dont impose any trading restriction and actually we welcome any trading style. " There are Forex brokers who say (on their websites) that traders can trade news with them. Should you have any question or would like to know any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact.

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