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splendid Live Performance set (reissued in tandem with the main box, and expanded from its original 1971 single-disc to two. Less successful to my mind are Whispering Grass (no contest with the celebrated Sandy Denny version!) and the disc's rather cloying finale When They Ring The Golden Bells. The whole work comprises an intelligently managed sequence of shorter pieces which traverse musical genres with the ease of a nomadic caravan trundling across a landscape, alighting occasionally for a more leisurely exploration of one feature or another here or there. Otis Taylor is my artist of the week but that could easily stretch to months or years. Overall, this is an excellent, if black, album. But as is sometimes the way with products from that kind of stable, it's a difficult record to come to terms with.

The mood of euphoria with what has gone before is slightly changed with the somewhat disappointing New Day. Org Mike Davies, April 2006 Tres Chicas - Sweetwater (Yep Roc) Formed in 1999 as an ad hoc project, the North Carolina femme trio have a fairly illustrious pedigree with Lynn Blakey a former member of Let's Active and Oh Ok and now frontwoman for.

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Baez yes, but also Tanita Tikaram, Gay Woods, June Tabor and Judy Collins in her Brecht-Weill mood, the tendency to soar to high notes and hint of an accent giving it almost an otherworldly flavour of cobwebbed leafy glades where unicorns and sprites might lurk. When during the second half of the disc 3 Daft Monkeys finally move away from the more overt preaching-cum-commentary arena, their music as a whole feels less contrived and in the end makes more sense to this listener, as on the attractive mid-tempo ballad Since. Drawing a line in the album sand at the departure of Merchant following 1992's Our Time in Eden (though it does take in the MTV Unplugged that came out a couple of months after she'd left the first disc is essentially a greatest hits package. Sally Taylor sings back up vocals with James on My Traveling Star. Hokey Pokey, in contrast, was a limper affair; it was cobbled together far too fast on the heels of Bright Lights, and it shows! His writing style is lyrical, his finger-picking guitar work skilled yet unobtrusive and his voice rich yet gravelly. A slightly disappointing uninspired finish to what is, overall, a clever, original album. However, she's now stepping into her own spotlight with her brittle but beguiling self-titled debut. Immediately the atmosphere moved from a day at the office, to a musician sitting round doing what he loves, playing music for people who appreciate. David Kidman March 2011 Chip Taylor - Yonkers NY (Train Wreck) I'm a bit ambivalent about this one.

kevin macleod local forecast - elevator download

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