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Karl Marx: His Life and Thought. The publication has described itself as ".a product of the Caledonian liberalism of Adam Smith and David Hume ". "The incompetent or the incoherent?". Free Money Finance This popular blog outlines ways to grow your net worth. Retire by 40 Joe retired from his corporate gig at Intel to become a stay-at-home dad. Articles range from small-scale ideas on how to save money to large-scale analysis of the changing political scene. At the end of the day, though, each post is intended to be relevant and applicable to your everyday life. Money Saving Mom, you dont have to be a mom (or a dad) to appreciate. 38 The news magazine has also supported liberal causes on social issues such as recognition of gay marriages, 39 legalisation of drugs, 40 criticises the US tax model, 41 and seems to support some government regulation on health issues, such as smoking in public,. Mike Piper takes you through the ins and outs of investing, providing insightful commentary for both beginners and those who dont want to put a lot of thought into their portfolios.