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Wave Principle provides a comprehensive method of technical analysis based on crowd psychology and chart pattern recognition. By the time you're done, you'll know how to spot the basic formations in price data and what to expect next. He has written many magazine articles about using the Wave Principle that have been published by SFO (Stocks, Futures Options Tradersworld and The Technical Analyst. EWI has over 3,000 twitter followers). Bonus: Order now and get, basics of the Wave Principle, fREE (79 value). The memorable "car turning principle" three pieces of evidence you need to confirm a trade.

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When to hold a position until expiration. In this 70-minute presentation, accomplished Elliott wave analyst Jeffrey Kennedy demonstrates how to turn simple Elliott wave analysis into trading strategies you can apply to almost any market - from stocks to forex to commodities. How you can get the market to tell you what it's going. Three key rules every Elliott wave trader should stick. How to identify market junctures those spots in a pattern where high-confidence trade set-ups arise. Jeffrey has hosted numerous online webinars to present his trading insights, market analysis and advice fca licensed forex brokers on how to apply the Wave Principle. How to fine tune strike prices and expiration dates. Which wave structure provides the best opportunity for a successful trade, and which do not. Packed with trading techniques and tips that you can incorporate into your own trading, Master instructor Jeffrey Kennedy delivers 3-5 engaging videos per week that feature real-market scenarios from individual stocks, indexes and commodities and then carefully walks you through the charts. Does the strategy work better at a relatively higher degree or lower degree. How to control your risk with protective stop placements you'll know exactly when your Elliott interpretation is wrong, when you need to get out and the difference between those two. Which wave position provide you the optimal entry.