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perform technical support work subordinate to a pathologist. Medical technologist positions are found in Federal hospital and outpatient-clinic laboratories; regional and reference laboratories which serve other hospitals, clinics, ships at sea, or foreign stations; research and development organizations; and regulatory and control agencies. Technicians and technologists also may assist radiologists during fluoroscopic examinations. Of the 771 employed in this occupation most work for the VA, 80 work for HHS, 30 work with the DOJ and small numbers with the other agencies.

How does the retraction and republication of the predimed trial affect recommendations for a Mediterranean diet? This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work, subordinate technical work, or related clerical work in the several branches of medicine, surgery, and dentistry or in related. Summary Report for: 29-1031.00. Plan and conduct food service or nutritional programs to assist in the promotion of health and control of disease.

The smaller the relative standard error, the more precise the estimate. Respiratory Therapist GS-0651 This series includes positions which involve the supervision or performance of technical work concerned with administering therapeutic and diagnostic respiratory care and life support to patients with cardiopulmonary deficiencies and abnormalities. On the other hand, the knowledge and abilities required for sanitarian work may be different in kind and breadth from those required for technician work, but not necessarily different in grade level. For example, aids at the lower levels compound simple solutions, which typically involve only 2 or 3 ingredients which mix readily and are used primarily for external application of patients,.g., soaps, rubbing alcohol, mouth wash, lotions, or for housekeeping and sterilizing procedures,.g., detergents. The federal government employs 1,221 rehab therapy assistants. Click on "Private Sector Job Listings" to search for related occupations in the private sector.) Medical Technologist Series, GS-0644 The medical technologist series includes positions which require professional knowledge and competence in the field of medical technology.