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Balance. With these wild price increases, digital currencies are gaining more attention and demand from traditional investors. Keep An Eye On The Market. This index currently includes: Bitcoin (62 Ethereum (33 Litecoin (2 dash (1) and Monero (1 with these digital currencies weighted based on their market capitalizations. Getting involved in more than one digital currency at a time is even more complex. Things are certain to get better as regulations and products emerge to meet the increasing market demand. One of the most popular indexes, for example, is the S P 500, which follows the 500 most traded.S.-based companies. Indexes and ETFs will make diversification, security and taxation of digital currency investments vastly easier for regular investors. Comparisons To Traditional Indexes, traditional indexes follow different markets and have become an incredibly popular form of passive investing in the past decade.

Digital Currencies - latest news and analysis

digital currency news sites

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For starters, the S P 500 follows the price of 500 assets, while our faast5 only tracks five digital currencies. Getting A Holistic View Of The Market. This is very similar to the stock market, where it is difficult to pick winning stocks; therefore, many investors rely on indexes for market diversification. Actual, forecast 2016 bln ARS, previous, bln AR bln ARS, january 22 19:39433639m, aRTrade Balance. Shutterstock, digital currencies are getting a lot of attention as a new asset class.

There are indexes to track just about any asset or commodity one can think. For example, the S P gsci Precious Metals index tracks precious metals such as gold and silver, while the S P Information Technology index follows major information technology companies.

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