best online jobs from home quora

push yourself to implement more interesting ones such as LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) or SVMs. Http likes 240, tags: Books, Machine Learning, Matthew Mayo, mooc, Quora, Sean McClure, Xavier Amatriain, top machine learning writers on Quora give their advice on learning machine learning, including specific resources,"s, and personal insights, along with some extra nuggets of information. When integrated into real applications they engender software with the ability to learn and distill high-dimensional problems down to focused results. Xavier also links to his answer to '.

Best online jobs from home quora
best online jobs from home quora

He rightfully states that all the theory in the world is useless if you can't make an educated selection between algorithms when it comes time to definition forex swap implement a model. Bio: Matthew Mayo is a computer science graduate student currently working on his thesis parallelizing machine learning algorithms. He suggests surveying the basics of the most important algorithms, but also learning the low-level details of as many as possible. I haven't seen anyone disappointed with this one. ' to help drive home his point of learning the most important algorithms, a question thread that is a useful resource in its own right. Advantage with Scikit is it gives you some sample data too to test. A PhD holder is able to confidently state that they have solved an original problem and defended that solution to others in the field.

Communities in Quora or Kaggle exercises etc will help you in getting up to the speed. He is also a student of data mining, a data enthusiast, and an aspiring machine learning scientist. In his answers, Sean mentions m, a site that lives up to its name.

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