golden rules of forex trading

account - set yourself a target and work toward achieving. Never get too excited about profits or too discouraged by losses but instead stick to the trading plan you have. Learning and adapting from trades, should be a repetitive process. This way you are limiting your possible loss to 20 pips.

Trading when you are too excited can be just as detrimental. Always analyse and learn Your trading history is the source of your knowledge. These are some of the nightmare scenarios that have plagued traders who were naive and didnt prepare themselves for the potential dangers of forex trading. Both are fundamental skills which are used by traders in various ways. Having said that, does an automated trading system make better trading decisions? Anything better than this and you are in profit. It's important to note here is that there is no guarantee of a stop-loss.because sometimes market liquidity is not available at the selected your stop-loss will be executed at the next best available price.

In this field, there is a lot to consider if youre going to be successful, but none of the lessons will be of help if you cant remember these 7 golden rules of Forex trading. Imagine you also work another job with an hourly rate of 15 GBP and you have opened a trading account with 1,000 GBP balance. After all, what's the point of analysing if you don't learn from it?

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