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the 5 securities with the highest sma_rank. If you have any issues first read this FAQ, then read the manual and search the support forum. How do I run it? Cyclical 1 defensive 2 sensitive 3 super_sector_names 1: 'cyclical 2: 'defensive 3: 'sensitive' dtype dtype int64 inputs missing_value -1 class ctor Classifier that groups assets by Morningstar Sector Code.

On the US Futures calendar, the first minute usually runs from 6:30-6:31AM. The name must start with a letter and must contain only lowercase alpha-numeric and underscore characters.

A portfolio optimization problem is a mathematical problem of the following form: Given an objective function, F, and a list of inequality constraints, Ci hi, find a vector w of portfolio weights that maximizes F while satisfying each of the constraints. Max_gross_exposure # We want to constrain our portfolio to invest a limited amount in any one # position. With this features files are also saved under. Timestamp 0, 0, 0, 0) as date from prediction Trading simulation After we have the trading signals, we want to test how effective the trading strategy is, without trading for real. A long position is opened when the price dips below the lower band. OR executes the next block when one or more of its preceding trading blocks are true. Here's an example file with ranked securities: symbol, start date, stock_score AA, 2/13/12,.7 WFM, 2/13/12,.8 FDX, 2/14/12,.1 M, 2/16/12,.3 You can backtest the code below during the dates 2/13/2012 - 2/18/2012. Fills under fixed slippage models are not limited to the amount traded in the minute bar. Your algorithm can use this method to set up any bookkeeping that you'd like. Pipeline.Term ) A Filter, Factor, or Classifier to add to the pipeline. Copy your backup login code in case you lose your mobile device.

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