norwegian forest cat black and white for sale

Cats, Siberians, and Scottish Folds. Discussions with the breeder should include recommendations on spay/neuter surgery, feeding, and information on registering your kitten. Forest CAT blue tabby-white 9074 norw. McGrady Cattery: Finnishline (CFA, free online courses to work from homeland security tica) Location: Upstate New York Notes: Grand Champion lines.

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Accessed rtwell, Sarah (1995). Brown tabby, 3d effect video editor software free download blue tabby, red tabby and brown patched tabby, classic or mackerel pattern, with or without white. Colorpoint shorthair 0020 colorpoint SH FOR breeding only 0088 colorpoint SH FOR breeding only 0090 colorpoint SH FOR breeding only 2230 colorpoint SH choc-tortie lynx point 2232 colorpoint SH seal-tortie lynx point 2234 colorpoint SH blue-cream lynx point 2236 colorpoint SH lilac-cream lynx point 2238. Orange or black making the white spots on calico cats. They can be solids or tabbies. Grey or gray, black Tortie White, calico. Contact Ouijakatz Norwegian Forest Cats by: Email: Cell/Mobile: Visit the Cattery: m Renewal month: April Photo Blue Bayou Texas Name: Kathryn Pennington Cattery: KatPenn (CFA, tica) Location: Dallas/Fort Worth area Notes: FeLV and FIV negative. For more information, please contact the.

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