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market during this time frame. If your day trading, you only have 30 minutes max to get out of your trade and I don't like work from home non telephone jobs working under that type of pressure. There is a fine line between finding the stocks that are going to breakout and the ones that are going to roll over. Create a Winning Strategy: See how you can learn to trade stocks, futures and bitcoin risk-free.

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You can first look to to enter trades earlier by identifying patterns using pre-market data. Let's now take a look at the different time zones and understand the general market dynamics during each time block. About 2 hours after London open, volatility will ease a little as the Asian counterparts start to pack up and London traders start to have their lunch break. However if you were to day trade this session, you would be looking at the JPY AUD pairs as they offer the greatest volatility. I look at this period as a time for consolidation and preparation. After a while, it pulled back again and settled at the 50 retracement level before heading higher. The move following this day trading time zone can last until lunchtime.

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