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launched in April 2011. Tom Franklin, Professional Trader Founder. Among the instructors who have taught courses are Seth Godin, founder of online marketing firm Yoyodyne, who teaches a class on entrepreneurship; DJ Young Guru, who leads a course on mixing and recording; and actor, writer and director James Franco, whose course focuses on screenwriting. Instructors are industry leaders who share their skills with anyone who wants to learn. Having decided 8 years ago, knowing very little about the world financial markets, that he wished to trade full time he put blood, sweat and tears into making it happen. Its catalog has grown from 15 to more than 250 online courses that cover creative arts, entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, lifestyle and technology. In Skillshares unique philosophy, everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a learner. I am a young and vibrant individual.

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Rather than a traditional lecture format, courses are offered within a global online learning community in which learners collaborate and learn by doing. The School of MakeOurMark, with courses in photography, best xbox rocket league trading strategy pdf illustration and tattooing, was launched in October 2013, and the School of Design went live the following month. From trading pennies through to managing a fund programme in excess of?5m, Tom has proven that no matter where you are now, you can absolutel. Tom embodies the determination and motivation required to achieve the most challenging of goals. Skillshare online courses, in Skillshares unique philosophy, everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a learner.