gap up and gap down intraday trading strategy

a down day, if the gap falls between previous day low and close, there is 85 chance of closing the gap. As already mentioned, these opening gaps get filled up on the same day most of the times. Intraday Gap Trading Strategies, gaps are either fading or increasing which is known as breakaway gaps. A gap in price is essentially a zone where little or no trade has taken place after the close of the previous candle. No need to time the market you only need to enter a market order at the open.

Gap up and gap down intraday trading strategy
gap up and gap down intraday trading strategy

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I generally look at At the money options. A gap above R1 or below S1 has less chance of fading. In both cases, if targets are not met by end of day, exit trades around 3:15 with a market order. Stock, Stock market, Share, Share market, Investment, Option, Future, Trading, Trade, Earn, Money, Online, Rajesh jhunjhunwala, Best, Good, Longterm, Shortterm, intraday, btst, stbt, Exchange, BSE, NSE, Bombay stock exchange, National Stock exchange, Indian market, Warren buffet, Rajesh, Jhunjhunwala, Bull, Bear, Market, Hot, Trend, Bombay stock. Open Trade that Taurus, one of the traders I follow sold the put options @ 137.25. There is a way of knowing about market opening even way before its opening. The difference of price.95 making me 89,625 INR in one hour.

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gap up and gap down intraday trading strategy

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