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RData #So we can recover if we crash for any reason tradingSimulation - w plot (tradingSimulation) stateHist - colnames (stateHist) - c "dium Payems. Date #Specify the date to start training (yyyy-mm-dd) trainingEndDate. UpdateFitness - function return ( uble (updatedState1) #equity achieved eckForTermination - function equity - updatedState1 equityAllocation - updatedState2 maxEquityAchieved - updatedState3 tradingDay - updatedState4 if (tradingDay nrow benefits of forex hedging (simulationData) return ( T ) if ( abs (equityAllocation) 2) #Too much leverage return ( T ). UpdateState - function #print(currentState) equity - currentState1 equityAllocation - neuralNetOutputs1 maxEquityAchieved - currentState3 tradingDay - currentState4 pctChange - uble uble pnl - equity * equityAllocation * pctChange equity - equity pnl maxEquityAchieved - max (maxEquityAchieved, equity) tradingDay - tradingDay 1 currentState1 - equity currentState2. Ckages devtools library devtools #Install from github as not yet on cran library RNeat library quantmod marketSymbol - "gspc" econmicDataSymbols - c unrate payems GDP mktData - new. Long" state12 - simulationData1 ort" state13 - simulationData1 dium" state14 - simulationData1 Gdp. Long" state9 - simulationData1 ort" state10 - simulationData1 dium" state11 - simulationData1 Unrate. Long col "blue legend (x'bottomright c ( paste paste paste fill c black red blue bty'n plot (mergedData Gdp main"GDP ylab"Billions of USD plot (mergedData ort main"GBP Rolling Percentile ylab"Percentile lines (mergedData dium col "red lines (mergedData Gdp. Long mes (stateHist) - mes ( ame (simulationData1: nrow (stateHist stateHist -. Date #Download Data #S P 500 #Payems is non-farms payrolls - 20 - 50 - 100 rollingPercentile - function (data, n) percentile - function (dataBlock) last( rank (dataBlock length (dataBlock) return (lumntrue) stockCleanNameFunc - function (name) return ( sub name, fixedtrue) clClRet -. Zoo(lag(Cl( get get payemsShortPercentile - payemsMediumPercentile - payemsLongPercentile - unrateShortPercentile - unrateMediumPercentile - unrateLongPercentile - gdpShortPercentile - gdpMediumPercentile - gdpLongPercentile - #join the data sets, fill in any missing dates with the previous none NA value mergedData -. Zoo(stateHist) Data simulationData - featuresOutOfSampleData stateHist - colnames (stateHist) - c "dium Payems.

X T all T ) mergedData - mergedData,-1 ClClRet - ClTZero -. Env #Make a new environment for quantmod to store data in #Specify dates for downloading data, training models and running simulation dataDownloadStartDate -. Date #Specify the date to end training outOfSampleStartDate.