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trading Oil, the price"d is the price per barrel of Oil. 35 bid and 38 offered) and transact with the brokers by speaking/yelling back. Retail Forex Trading Terminology, in addition to using most of the terms that professional forex dealers employ, smaller retail forex speculators trading through online forex brokers will probably also come across the following retail forex dealing jargon terms: Leverage. Sometimes referred to as the hedge ratio. Also sometimes called a point. The candlestick also shows us the opening price and the closing price for that period. Xinhua News Agency Ministry level - official press agency of China (proc).

Long Being long is when youve bought with the intention of selling at a higher price in order to profit. Trend Those things we always seem to be fighting. Derives from the picture of a Loon on the 1 coin. Bull and bear A bull is a trader that believes the market will rise.

A CTA entry is required under the Financial Accounting Standards Board (fasb).52 rule as a means of helping investors differentiate between actual operating gains/losses and those generated via translation. A bank which holds securities in custody for other financial institutions, does their bookkeeping and settles their trading activity. Therefore, if the price for the EUR/USD goes down.3, it means that for every euro you want to buy, you now only need to pay.3.S. If the US dollar gets stronger, this is another way of saying that a smaller amount of the US dollar is able to buy more euros. The tighter the bid-offer spread made by the market maker, the better the price usually seems to their customer. When trading gold, the price"d is the price per one ounce of Gold. Pips and Pipettes, pepperstone"s currency pairs by "5, 3 and 2" decimal places these are known as fractional pips or pipettes. Operation Twist A monetary policy operation last used in the early 1960s in which the Fed sold shorter-dated Treasuries from their portfolio and purchased longer-dated maturities in order to drive down long-term interest rates. Pepperstone clients have instant access (Straight Through Processing) to some of the best prices with extremely tight spreads. After the trade has been closed, whatever you have traded with is returned back to the broker. You can start out with British pounds and buy the EUR/USD your pounds are converted into US dollars, which are then used to buy the euros.

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