forex trend wave trading system for metatrader 4

thing is true for the signal (1) which gives buying and selling positions inside the buying or selling signals given by (3). FX Profit Wave Strategy, fX Profit Wave Strategy. This indicator has an extreme importance, it works on elliott wave principle, it can give signals to buy or sell using an innovative concept that allows you to filter waves and detect the end of a downtrend or uptrend. For buy trades: Histogram must be blue and above the Zero Line (dots). The explanation remain in the fact that the buying or selling signals given by (2) is generally within the buying or selling signals given by (3).

The red and blue arrows are the KG signal indicators and this is the major indicator qnb forex rates of this system. In order to use effectively this indicator, you should know that in each time when the indicator shows (1 or (2 or (3 it means that at this moment the probability of flipping in the market. There are three versions of KG Wave Indicator here; KG wave major, KG wave micro, and KG wave minor. If Bearish (red) is over 50, it means the downtrend in stronger than uptrend. On the other hand, if it's showing Bearish trend, we will be looking to enter the market with Sell trades.