ccfp forex indicator

also taken into account, that the indicators can be made more sensitive. In this regard, the clusters resemble currency indexes, but while you need to select the optimal weight of each pair in the index to construct the latter (because of the different value of one point the cluster analysis only takes into account the relative exchange. It is convenient, because stop-signals in this case will be much higher than in intraday trading. It is possible due to the indicator settings (See the article "Theoretical Basis of Building Cluster Indicators for forex" ).

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We buy from the line A' until point C appears. In the indicator Complex_pairs it is the intersection of the signal line with the zero line downwards, and on the indicator CCp it is the moment, when the dollar line is above the euro line. Searching Promising Currency Pairs Not very often, but from time to time there are such moments in the cluster, when the generation of a new trend is expected. After the point C we expect the appearance of the next point D and returning to level C' (See Fig 5a). Cocoth is using this setup. However, it should be noted that Complex_pairs is actually a simplified version of CCp, as it reflects the difference between the rates of change in value of the currencies in the particular pair, so CCp is much more informative: In this case, you can try. Projection from the intersection of indicator lines with the balance line can point out the price, around which the currency is fluctuating, thus determining the periods of flat or trend. Speculations on the decisions of central banks can be an example, because if the US dollar falls in price relative to the Swiss franc on SNB decision to increase the base rate, this does not mean that the dollar becomes objectively weaker on the contrary. So the indicators described reflect not only the mutual fluctuation relative to each other, but also the fluctuation relative to zero. Through the intersection points vertical lines are drawn; they help to see the entry points on the price chart. By the way, you will need to perform one more action to avoid confusion make all lines transparent, except the blue (EUR trend) and green (USD dynamics).