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let her outside and she was more calm when she came I have found a stray kitten My husband and I found a stray kitten, who looks to be about 6 weeks old, outside a pizza restaraunt. Its sometimes there, sometimes not. We plan to find a tree trunk to put inside for him to climb, as well as some more plants in addition to the cat grass and cat mint already in there Christine's Cat Enclosure (cat run) This Cat Proof fence has plastic mesh. What vaccinations are needed for kittens? Cat seems to be having trouble urinating my binary options accounts treatment cat is nearly one year old and he seems to be having trouble going for a wee, for the passed two days. But all of a sudden he has be twitching, clawing and is not balancing very well when he walks. I have a 9 month old very sweet male seal point siamese.

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Good day, i have 3, 5 weeks old mix Persian kitten. I have got two breed quality persian cats pixie is a year and a half we have let them mate neturally i dont agree with thr whole cats in cages thing but My bengal leopard twitches when drinking I have a 6 month old Bengal. It's gotten so bad that she won't even let my yorkie eat! She is an indoor cat. He does not eat much and has lost lots of weight in the last 6 11 week old kittens sister beats up brother we have two kittens 11 weeks old fron the same litter, trixe the girl seems to beat up Leroy the boy, she. I have noticed that shorthaired kittens lose fur and longhaired kittens don't.