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realised in the event that there is a need for liquidity in a crisis. The grrrc also seeks to ensure that effective risk monitoring is in place for Reputational Risk and reviews mitigation plans for significant risks. The grading is based on a probability of default measure, with customers analysed against a range of quantitative and qualitative measures. Collateral held against impaired loans is maintained at fair value. Simple to say, but this can be a substantial effort to modify the database schema and all applications that reference the data, and all code that has the currency "hardcoded" (i.e. If you are designing software for Switzerland, France or any other market mentioned here, you should research the current requirements for that market, including user preferences, application requirements, government regulations, etc. A critical element of the role of the grrrc is to alert the Group to emerging or thematic risks. Note that currency names as well as currency symbols may require localization. For example, if you ask an american bank for an account that has both concurrent Canadian Dollar (CAD) and American Dollar (USD) balances, you will likely be given 2 separate account numbers. This confidence level suggests that potential daily losses, in excess of the VaR measure, are likely to be experienced six times per year.

Programmed directly into the software as a particular currency rather than looking up the currency associated without the amount.). This seeks to ensure that the Group has flexibility around maturity transformation, has market intelligence, maintains stable funding lines and is a price maker when it performs its interest rate risk management activities.

Counterparties with lower credit grades are assessed as being less likely to default. A portfolio impairment provision (PIP) is held to cover the inherent risk of losses which, although not identified, are known through experience to be present in the loan portfolio. Total loans and advances to banks include 1,340 million held at fair value through profit or loss. The Group liquidity risk management framework requires limits to be set for prudent liquidity management. This includes 291 million exposures to Mezzanine and High Grade CDOs, of which 122 million have been fully provided for in the profit and loss account. Remedial actions include, but are not limited to, exposure reduction, security enhancement, exit of the account or immediate movement of the account into the control of gsam. The balance uncovered by individual impairment provision represents the value of collateral held and/or the Groups estimate of the net value of any work-out strategy. Otherwise, If the third digit is greater than 7, add one to the second digit and drop the third digit or change it. Collateral is valued in accordance with the Groups risk mitigation policy, which prescribes the frequency of valuation for different collateral types. Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan,.) often have 3 digits of precision.

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