firex smoke detector installation instructions

the memory condition. Battery door cannot be closed if battery is not properly installed. FOR best protection, IT IS recommended that YOU instalmoke alarm IN every room In addition, it is recommended that all smoke alarms be interconnected. When the particles of smoke suspended in the air stream reach the alarm threshold of the detector head, the unit will go into alarm. The unit shall include a piezoelectric horn that is rated at 85 decibels at 10 feet. In rooms where temperatures may fall below 5C (41F) or rise above 45C (113F). If a living room bedroom area hallway is more than 9 m long, install a smoke alarm at each end. The alarm horn is loud in order to alert individuals of a potential danger. The electrical connection (to the alarm) shall be made with a plug-in connector. BE sure battery IS securely connected.

Any size home requires fitting a best legitamite binary options trading course minimum of two smoke alarms. The LEDs indicate the following: green LED ON AC power is present OFF AC power is not present. Family room kitchen fireplace Typical Two-Storey Home Install a smoke alarm on the ceiling or wall bedroom inside each bedroom and in the hallway outside each separate sleeping area. They do not sense heat, flame, or gas. Secure mounting plate to electrical box, pattress, wall, or ceiling. The unit shall incorporate red and green LED indicators. Loose particles interfere with smoke alarm operation. The Kidde i4618 is an AC/DC powered, ionization smoke alarm that operates on a 120V power source with 9V battery backup.

The number will be labeled model.
Firex Smoke Detector is fitted with a mounting base that will accept an Apollo Ionization Model # or Photoelectric.
Detector, head Model #.
The duct unit supports 2 sets of Form C Alarm Contacts and 1 form C Trouble Contact.