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buy currencies. This leads to the barrier being defended so the option barrier is not broken at a particular price level. Profit Taking - The unwinding of a position to realise profits. They are hard to verify.

Short - The opposite of 'Long the position which is in a sell direction. . According to the fund, approximately 1 of their receivables remain past due after 30 days, Clark says. Talf (Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) - A programme created by the US Fed to spur consumer credit lending. Claims contained within testimonials have NOT been verified.

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GBP - The Great British Pound. Initial Public Offering (IPO) - The first sale of stock by a formerly private company. For example, if the ECB increased interest rates.50 from.25 this would be an increase of 25 basis points. European Central Bank (ECB) - The central bank created to manage monetary policy for the Eurozone. . Cbot - The Chicago Board of Trade is the worlds oldest futures and options exchange which later merged with the CME and now acts as a market maker. If Exports exceed Imports then best euro exchange melbourne a country is said to have a Trade Surplus.