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information and further learning, please visit m, charts to follow. Now we can trade any time frame. I also experienced that auto trade needs larger SL since it is harder to see the evaluate the price movement. It's a custom designed application for keeping trading strategies. Download 100 AG Trading Strategies: Download link. Unzip to desired location and run by double clicking on "TradingStrategies101.exe" file in "TradingStrategies" folder. Members Resources, we have various guides for all prospective traders in PDF format that members can freely download. (Ken's chart) C-12 Jan 18, 2013 8:53am Post# 11"ng neomn Disliked Hi C12, For the trade of last chart, did you got in manually, after seeing that the price hit the demand zone and went higher, or did you just placed a limit buy.

Latest addition at least made the difference. It won't run on Mac OS or Linux.

Learning to trade profitably, this alone is the main reason for joining to Ace Gazette. You marked some for checking out but something come up and task delayed. You looked at some strategy and did some testing sometime ago. They are written by an active trader. You have to be serious about trading to survive our training schedule. Golden Rules of Profitable Trading, there are certain rules worth to keep reminding to ourselves as traders. Reading all these resources will not make you profitable trader alone, but training with Ken may. Mrhb30jr Jan 18, 2013 10:00am Post# 19 1 Attachment(s) gbpusd. It is 100 free! Neomn Jan 18, 2013 9:16am Post# 17"ng C-12 Disliked On that occasion I got in manually at the first sign of rejection.

Gazette, s/D Chart ( p?t405695 c-12, jan 18, 2013 5:09am Post# 1 (binned per thread starters request ace. AG Trading Strategies is a freeware. They contain very useful information about trading. You thought you bookmarked the page but you cannot locate.

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