forex gap open strategy

(or Sundays on some brokers) so that theres a lot more chance for you to find opportunities to trade forex gaps. Remember you only check for gaps once a week, on Monday. If you see that Mondays candlestick open is below the Fridays close then the forex gap is negative and you should open a Long position at market price.

Forex gap open strategy
forex gap open strategy

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Green up arrow indicates the foreign currency market hours opening of the transaction to Buy, well, a red arrow pointing down, suggests that it is necessary to open the transaction Sell. Buthow soon it fills the gaps may worthwhile investigating. M can't be responsible for any losses associated with using any strategy presented on the site. If you see Mondays open is above the Fridays close the forex gap is positive and you should open a Short position at market price. Just 5 minutes before the forex market closes on Saturday, (e.g., 5 minutes before the end) you need to close your trade.

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