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is published each Friday at 2:30 PM EST. Though lately, stocks brokers have been able to push government to open trading Forex future contracts as an alternate investment option for investors but then, its only on futures contracts and restricted to only the INR pairs. Reserve Bank of India (RSI) restricted trading with any foreign currency to prevent investments in overseas markets. Although commodities can also be traded on the spot market, most commodities trading is for future settlement. In fact, its not only the illegality but Internet is also full of complaints about their fraudulent practices but then, this is India where theres no listening. The exchange rate at which the transaction is done is called the spot exchange rate. You also can be interested.

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Examples of multibank systems include Fortex Technologies, Inc., 360tgtx, FXSpotStream LLC, Integral, FXall, HotSpotFX, Currenex, lmax Exchange, FX Connect, Prime Trade, Globalink, Seamless FX, and eSpeed Voice broker Executed via telephone with a foreign exchange voice broker See also edit References edit Retrieved from ". A foreign exchange spot transaction, also known as, fX spot, is an agreement between two parties to buy one currency against selling another currency at an agreed price for settlement on the spot date. Forex trading in Canada. . In essence, currencies, securities and commodities are traded for immediate delivery, in contrast to the futures market where delivery is scheduled for a date in the future. To insure your deposit and your trading you should choose a broker carefully. Well, theres another breed of the risky participants who are willing to even fight the government but yet do their utmost best to promote Forex trading in India. Settlement date edit, the standard settlement timeframe for foreign exchange spot transactions. Last two years have seen a fast growing interest of Indians in forex trading with huge masses wanting to shift from conventional stocks-trading to the forex-markets, but the time has also witnessed controversies, confusions and disputes as to the issue of the legality of Forex. The Indian laws allow an Indian to send remittances of up to 25000 annual without asking for much of an explanation, so the shrewd Indian has found his way through to his trading and the first trick in their hat is offshore online broker account.

As most of the transactions involving significant amounts are always reported by Credit card issuing agencies to the Indian law authorities, the shrewd Indian never makes a direct deposit to his forex account. A couple of other unregulated brokers came up from Norway,.S.A and UK and were thrown back but some, like m or m still continue to operate in spite of the illegality of their nature of work in India. Forex Major Currency Pairs, tagged with: Does Forex trading legal in India? As of 2010, the average daily turnover of global FX spot transactions reached nearly.5 trillion USD, counting.4 of all foreign exchange transactions. It is not illegal, but traders from India have to take into account the restrictions we have mentioned above. November 23, 2011 Posted in, fX Trading Tips by admin, no Comments. As you can see, there are restrictions on Forex trade in the particular countries, so people often ask a question, Why forex trading is illegal in India?